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From Record to Play

Our comprehensive post-production service makes podcasting as easy as...


Record Your Podcast

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Pass to Pacific Audio

Leave Everything else to us. Your Audio will not be run through a chain of automated software and plug-ins. Every interview, recording environment and voice are different and deserve unique attention. Highly trained ears will evaluate, edit and polish your podcast on a case by case basis, allowing your story to be told with upmost clarity and professionalism.


Publish and Play

Play audio example below to hear podcast interview after our post-production service

Past clients of Pacific Audio

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  • logo of Boeing
  • logo of Bizzabo
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  • Podcast Production
    • Edit
    • Noise Removal
    • Volume Level
    • Mix (De-ess, EQ, Gate, Compress, etc.)
    • Master (Ensure all loudness standards for podcasts are met)
    • Recording Consultation
  • Audio Cleanup
  • Sound Design
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Music Production
  • Music Composition

Professional Quotes About Pacific Audio's Work

  • logo of InVisionApp

    Like a fine tailor from the old country, Brian Pake shapes and refines audio with skill and careful attention to bring out the best of the audio subjects he produces. When you want to sound your best, work with Brian.

    Webby award nominee logo.
    Webby award nominee logo. Aarron Walter VP of Design Education, InVisionApp
  • logo of Killer Visual

    Brian is a breeze to work with. In our studio or at his own, he promptly and expertly turns around every track exactly as we need it. He's been an invaluable source for original music, sound design, and audio mixing for years.

    Josh Miles President and Chief Creative Officer,
    Killer Visual Strategies
  • logo of Bizzabo

    At Bizzabo we often use the Hebrew saying rosh gadol. It literally translates to "big head" but means thinking of the big picture, being a team-player, and proactively taking on responsibility. Brian definitely has a big head.

    Brandon Rafalson Head of Editorial, Bizzabo
  • Gavin Guss music album: On High

    You’re one of the reasons this record got made at all. Thanks for your skill, patience, creativity and overall good vibe!

    Gavin Guss Nada Surf, Tube Top