About Pacific Audio

Brian with wife and two daughters

Brian Pake

Music and audio work in general was never a career path for me, it has always been a calling. I founded Pacific Audio, with a vision and desire to work with sound in all capacities. I learned through the years that my attachment to sound really lies in the power of storytelling. Although my journey has traveled through many facets of audio, I have recently landed in the world of podcasts, a perfect medium for storytelling. It’s my goal to partner with folks who are looking to amplify the message of their podcast. I will take care of all your post production needs, as well as advise you through the recording process. There is an art to telling a story and I would love to help you tell yours.


I’ve been a Seattle based musician, engineer and producer since 2002. I began playing music in Bellingham, WA during the early-mid 90’s, at a time then the local scene was thriving with the rest of the Pacific Northwest. I was 17 when my band Two If By Sea released our first album Heading West On Harris Ave, on Elsinor Records, alongside fellow labelmates Death Cab For Cutie.

After arriving in Seattle, I reunited with five friends who had also moved from Bellingham and formed the band Spook The Horse. We released two albums and were part of Brenden Canty’s (Fugazi) DVD series, Burn To Shine. The Seattle edition of Burn To Shine also included: Eddie Vedder, Ben Gibbard, Harvey Danger, Dave Bazan, Jesse Sykes, The Blue Scholars and more.

After Spook The Horse made a gallop of it, I started a solo project called Lonesome Rhodes & The Good Company. The “company” was good and plenty. A rotating cast of musicians that I am honored to have had in my band. Folks like Michael Vermillion and Justin Cronk (Vendetta Red), Garrett Lunceford (The Divorce, Portugal The Man), Matt Shaw (City Light), Kyle Logghe (Verona) and Kimo Muraki (Tiny Messengers, Vance Joy, The Strumbellas). Lonesome & Co. is proud to have shared stages with Vince Mira (Juanny Cash) at The Triple Door, J. Tillman (Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty), Aqueduct, The Moondoggies and many more.

In 2005, after recording a few albums as a musician, I started falling in love with “the other side of the board.” Engineering, mixing and producing albums became as much of a passion as playing music had been. I spent the next few years entrenched in recording studios all over Seattle, but more regularly Studio Litho, Electrokitty, Soundhouse, The Toy Box and Whiney Cat Audio, where I am also a proud part owner. I have been fortunate enough to work with so many great bands and talented musicians including Grand Archives, Jon Auer (The Posies, Big Star), Shawn Smith (Brad, Satchel) and Woodstock’s legendary drummer, Michael Schrieve (Santana).

During my time at The Toy Box, the band With Friends Like These was born. It consisted of both studio owners, Tyler Coffey and Justin Cronk, myself, and singer/songwriter Matt Shaw. We released one album, mixed by Barrett Jones (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) on the label Sound vs Silence.

Since starting a family in 2009, I scaled back on long days in the studio for weeks at a time and ventured into audio for video. I've worked on everything from commercials, to infographics, art installations and a full length movie. With responsibilities including: sound design, composition, foley, ADR, mixing and mastering. Clients include: Ticketmaster, Zillow, Westland Distillery, Killer Infographics and many more.

I have recently found working on podcasts to be very rewarding in my quest to tell stories through sound. I have worked on various podcasts including Design Better, from InVisionApp and In-Person, from Bizzabo.

Today, I continue to work in recording studios, engineering and producing music. I also work out of my home studio, producing podcasts as well as working on various A/V assignments. I’ll always keep writing and performing as a musician, I don’t know how not to. My love of music and sound is what makes me tick and I enjoy working with audio in every manner imaginable.